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Wenger Excavating early headquarters

Wenger Excavating Inc. had its beginnings in 1967 when Howard Wenger, working the night shift in the quality control labs at Republic Steel, decided that he also needed a day job to fulfill his ambitions. Howard purchased a backhoe and began doing miscellaneous excavating work in the Village of Dalton. From digging graves to repairing local farmers’ drain tiles and installing underground utilities for the village, Howard soon found that he enjoyed the challenge of solving underground problems. Wenger Excavating continues to find solutions for excavating problems in the twenty-first century.

The excavating company realized from the beginning that four things were important to achieve its dreams: a source of operating capital to feed the growing business, good people to do the work, affordable and reliable equipment, and dedication to family.

In finding sufficient operating capital Howard’s people skills were fully challenged. When the bank did not offer enough capital to fund his dreams, Howard turned to friends, family and employees to build the company. In return, Howard made friendships that have lasted throughout the growth of the company.

Howard hired his brother-in-law Clair Good as his first employee and over forty years later Clair is still helping to find solutions for problems in the company. In addition Howard’s loyalty to his hometown meant that his work force was made up of local workers whom he could trust with the important work of providing quality services for Wenger Excavating’s customers.

Howard serves as chief executive officer for Wenger Excavating Inc. with the support of his family. Wenger Excavating, Inc. has its home office in Dalton with state-of-the-art office and shop facilities. The company specializes in excavating and underground utility installation in the north-central region of Ohio. Wenger Excavating Inc. serves residential and commercial developers, industry and state and local government. In the peak, approximately 100 employees continue the dreams that Howard Wenger had in the 60’s: offer the customer the best service possible and stay in good communication with your fellowman whether it be your family, your customer or your employee.

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