Wenger Excavating
26 N Cochran St, Dalton, OH 44618

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Wenger Excavating Inc., based in Dalton, Ohio, provides underground utility installation and excavating work in north-central Ohio, with the hub of its work radiating out in the counties surrounding Canton, Ohio in Stark County. Although Wenger has installed thousands of miles of commercial and residential water, storm and sanitary sewer line, taking on some of the most complex municipal and county projects in the area, private housing development work has also been a key factor in its growth. In addition the company has specialized in building site work, oil and gas well site development and reclamation, pipe-bursting and gravel mine reclamation work.

  • 46 years experience constructing commercial and residential subdivisions
  • 46 years of experience in underground utility installation
  • 46 years experience in road building and site work
  • 46 years experience in underground utility repair work
  • 30 years experience in oil and gas well site development & restoration
  • 25 years experience in mining and mining reclamation
  • Local reputation with a strong network of associates
Wenger Companies

Family owned and operated since 1966

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